Million Hearts® in Action Stories

Below is a collection of stories that highlight the work of states, partners, champions and individual survivors to help inspire, share best practices and advance the goals of Million Hearts®

Collaborating for Change

Coordinated actions by public health and healthcare professionals, communities, and healthcare systems can and will keep people healthy, optimize care, and improve outcomes within priority populations. Learn more about how partners have come together to address heart disease and stroke prevention in these Million Hearts® Partner Spotlights.

Keeping People Healthy

Many of the major risks for heart disease and stroke can be prevented and controlled through healthy lifestyle changes, such as decreasing sodium consumption, increasing physical activity and avoiding tobacco use. The following stories highlight successful strategies for addressing these behaviors:

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Tobacco Use Prevention

Optimizing Care

This priority includes strategies to improve the ABCS, increase use of cardiac rehabilitation and provide patient and family supports for heart healthy behaviors. Explore success stories in the following strategy areas:

Blood Pressure Control

Smoking Cessation

Medication Adherence

Personal Stories

Survivors share their experiences with heart attack and stroke and the resulting lifestyle changes they’ve made.